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Republican Governor Dumps Trump?


Here’s what really happened…

Before the mainstream media cooks up new drama and tries to confuse you, we’re here to tell you what’s really going on.

According to the Washington Examiner, recently it was learned that Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott will not be attending a rally held by former President Donald Trump in Texas.

The mainstream media will take this as a sign that there is some feud going on between Trump and Abbott however the truth is that Abbott has already planned to be in Florida the day Trump arrives in Texas for a fundraiser event.


There is not bad blood between Trump and Abbott.

Abbott explained to the Washington Examiner, “I welcome President Trump back to Texas, though I won’t be able to welcome him personally since I will be out-of-state for a pre-planned fundraising trip to Florida.”

The media loves to cook up fake drama to mess with conservative voters and Republican lawmakers themselves however some things aren’t as dramatic as they love to make it.