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Democrats Give Illegals A Luxury Lifestyle


Some people are very angry about this move.

As Republican Governor Greg Abbott continues to send migrants via buses to Democrat states like New York, liberal leaders are going above and beyond to accommodate these illegals.

According to Fox, New York leaders like NYC Mayor Eric Adams has decided to build tent shelters on NYC’s Randall’s IslandĀ and these shelters are fitted with some very impressive luxuries that even some Americans don’t have.

The tent shelters are able to house up to 500 people and they have laundry facilities, a cafeteria, phones and entertainment centers. These shelters even have big screen tv’s and xbox video game consoles as well.


So far over 18,000 asylum seekers have been sent to New York and the city’s homeless shelter system is absolutely overwhelmed.

Democrat Mayor Eric Adams recently even declared a state of emergency and said that this crisis is “not sustainable.”

As of right now migrant families with children are being house in hotels around the NYC area. It currently costs New York taxpayers a whopping $325,000 to move tent shelters around the city due to safety concerns and another $325,000 to set them up again.