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Biden Cleared Of Charges?


These people are literally insane.

February 1 Update:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) conducted a search for classified documents as part of an investigation into the presence of such materials at Biden’s Wilmington home and his former office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington. According to Bauer, no classified documents were found, but some materials and handwritten notes related to Biden’s time as Vice President were taken by the DOJ for further review. The search followed a previous one in which roughly a dozen classified documents were found in Biden’s garage and an adjacent room, leading to multiple searches of his Wilmington home with the consent of his team. The FBI also searched Biden’s former office in Washington D.C. in November after a small number of classified documents were found there.


After the bombshell story broke about President Biden keeping classified documents in his private office and garage, Biden’s former White House press secretary Jen Psaki decided to step in and do damage control for him.

Psaki decided to do exactly what the Democrats have always done and tried to clear President Biden’s name by attacking former President Donald Trump instead.

According to Fox, Psaki went on MSNBC and foolishly claimed that the highly classified documents which were hidden by President Biden on his own property won’t be “a political problem” for him in the future.


Psaki attempted to dirty Trump’s name by pointing to his election denial and tried to explain how Trump’s raid was a much bigger issue than Biden’s scandal by saying it was “horrifying.”

“They have run away from him [Trump] because he’s an outlier on, some of them, on election denial and also because he’s a loser,” Psaki  outrageously said.

Psaki then said, “So this argument that this very different case of Biden’s classified documents is going to be a political problem for him doesn’t — hasn’t really even played out on the other side. And I think that’s important to note, because the difference, as you said, is who’s defending democracy, and the answer to that is pretty clear.” 

It’s pretty incredible to watch just how low Democrats will go to defend Joe Biden. Biden has had these secret documents in his possession since 2016. Only God knows who all was actually around these documents at this point and the only defense the dems have for President Biden is to call Trump a “loser”.