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Pelosi Slams Republicans


What a joke.

With the midterms just a few days away, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is focused on a number of issues the Democrats think are important including their green initiatives.

Now according to the Washington Examiner, Speaker Pelosi is blatantly calling Republican lawmakers “stupid” if they are refusing to back the Democrats’ legislation seeking to combat climate change.

Really? That’s the Speaker of the House’s tactic? Just call Republicans stupid?


“How stupid could they be?” Speaker Pelosi asked during a lengthy interview with Punchbowl News. Pelosi must have forgotten about some of the very “stupid” things President Biden has done regarding inflation, the border, the midterm elections, and how he runs the Democratic Party.

Pelosi then blasted Republicans and asked, “how in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry are they?”

Pelosi then doubled down and insisted Democrats will keep control of Congress. We shall see if she is right.