Do You Trust Biden?

Creepy Photo Of Biden Goes Viral

Rather than focus on several important problems that President Biden himself has created like Afghanistan and the border, he decided to attend a Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park and was met with heavy criticism.

According to Fox News, Republican Nikki Haley blasted him and said, “The fact that Joe Biden has time to go to the Congressional baseball game but not time to take questions on Afghanistan or see the humanitarian crisis at the border is a disgrace. #DoYourJob #StrikingOut.”

Sadly, now things have gotten even worse because a new photo of President Biden has just been taken and it looks very inappropriate.

In the photo Biden can be seen standing in the dugout with both of his arms around an unidentified women smiling while she appears to be telling a story to another individual.

It is also reported that President Biden was mercilessly booed by the crowd several times and some people even chanted “Joe sucks!” and “Let’s play ball!”

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