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Biden Caught Copying Trump


Well isn’t this interesting?

When Joe Biden was running for the Presidency, he vowed to end President Donald Trump’s immigration policies which he claimed were causing “cruelty and exclusion at every turn.” Biden said that those migrants were fleeing their “brutal” governments such as in Venezuela.

According to Newsmax however, it appears that President Biden has changed his tune and is now copying Donald Trump’s playbook due to the increasing number of Venezuelans who are turning up at the southern border.

Just last week President Biden invoked a Trump-era rule known as Title 42 which Biden’s very own Justice Department is currently fighting to repeal in court.

How ironic.


Under President Biden’s new administration policy, which is technically just Trump’s original policy, Venezuelans who walk or swim across the U.S. southern border will be expelled. However, as many as 24,000 Venezuelans will be allowed to enter the United States if they come through a U.S. airport.

It’s funny how this all happened since just a few weeks ago slammed President Biden’s White House attacked Governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott for sending Venezuelan migrants to Democrat states.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, “These were children, they were moms, they were fleeing communism.”

What happened? Why is Biden now using Trump’s policy to enforce the border all the sudden?