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Democrats CLASH, Party Divided

Democrats CLASH, Party Divided


Things are getting extremely ugly.

Every day Democrats are getting closer and closer to their own deadline to pass Biden’s sweeping reconciliation spending bill along with the bipartisan infrastructure plan and it appears that they could very likely FAIL at passing both bills.

Biden also warned Democrats that he wanted them to reach an agreement before he departs on a trip overseas this Thursday so he can discuss the logistics of it with other world leaders when he reaches his destination and attends the climate summit.

According to Fox News, Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna openly admitted, “Here’s the thing: The president looked at us in the eye and he said, ‘I need this before I go represent the United States in Glasgow.’”

Tensions are elevated over the fact that Democrats cannot reach an agreement. And now it appears that sparks are flying amongst themselves and it has become an all out war between moderates like Senators Joe Manchin/Kyrsten Sinema and progressives like Sen. Bernie Sanders and others.


It’s the effing progressives,” one moderate Democrat said to Fox News. The Moderates believe the progressives are asking for things that are simply unreasonable.

Bernie Sanders fired back at the moderates and said, “It seems to me almost every sensible progressive revenue option that the President wants, that the American people want, that I want, seems to be sabotaged.”

Other progressives don’t want to vote on anything unless they are guaranteed that both bills can be voted on the same day because they don’t trust the moderates to keep their word.

“It’s not really about the sequencing. It’s about voting both of them on the same day,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal said. “So, in other words, what I don’t want is a framework.”

Whatever the case may be, it appears that the Democrats are at war with each other and Biden’s spending plan looks like it will fall flat on its face!