Kamala got exposed.

Former Press Secretary for then-President Donald Trump and Fox News Contributor Kayleigh McEnany lifted the veil and revealed the dark truth about Vice President Kamala Harris and her true intentions for America.

McEnany blasted Kamala like never before after she hired two crisis communications experts. McEnany says Kamala did to preserve her image so that she can set up for a 2024 presidential run.

In transcript provided by Fox News, McEnany said, “All she cares about is the communications of it and her future presidential run. She doesn’t care about the actual problem. Do you think she cares about the little kids on the border in horrific detention facilities – ones she used to call human rights violations? Of course she doesn’t care about that. She just cares about how she’s perceived. It’s why she didn’t go to the border until she was pressured.”

Adding, “But it’s interesting. So she’s hired a strategic [communications] person because there’s nothing strategic about the way Kamala Harris cackles when asked about Afghans hanging from planes, cackles when asked about the border. She needs advice. But unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any turning around the ship for her. And this ‘long-term planning’ they’re engaging in? That’s simply code for her presidential bid in 2024 or beyond.”

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