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Trump Blindsided By Police


How could this happen?

The largest police union in Florida made an announcement on Monday, stating its support for Governor Ron DeSantis in his bid for the presidency. This endorsement comes after the union’s previous backing of former President Trump.

According to Fox News, The Florida Police Benevolent Association President, John Kazanjian, described DeSantis as the “most effective governor in the nation” and emphasized his commitment to prioritize public safety if elected to the White House. Kazanjian expressed concern about rising crime rates in many American cities and communities, highlighting the failure of defunding the police and blaming law enforcement for societal issues.

Kazanjian stated that DeSantis is the only presidential candidate with a proven record of enhancing public safety and investing in law enforcement personnel, who play a crucial role in maintaining public safety every day. The endorsement reflects the unanimous choice of over 30,000 members of the Florida Police Benevolent Association.


The press release detailed DeSantis’ actions to strengthen law enforcement in Florida, including significant investments of over $100 million to raise officers’ salaries and $20 million to combat fentanyl overdoses. The release described DeSantis as having transformed Florida into a law-and-order state, thanks to his administration’s support for the thousands of frontline law enforcement officers who ensure the safety and security of communities.

The union’s endorsement of DeSantis follows their support for Trump during the 2020 election. Meanwhile, DeSantis, while campaigning in Eagle Pass, Texas, focused on his immigration plan and criticized the Biden administration for its perceived inaction on the border crisis. He pledged to address the issue vigorously if elected, emphasizing his commitment to border security, combating drug cartels, and restoring national sovereignty.

DeSantis declared that starting on January 20, 2025, he would take decisive action to stop the invasion at the southern border, build the border wall, and protect American citizens from the harmful influence of drug cartels. He emphasized the need for action and results, dismissing empty promises and slogans.