Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Biden Goes Missing, Reporters Shocked

This is shocking.

President Biden has only served one year as President of the United States and it appears that he is already burnt out from running the country.

As you may already know, President Biden took a long weekend vacation in Delaware recently and then decided to call an “early lid” on Tuesday basically meaning he gave himself another day off.

Why does Biden need so many vacations?

Bloomberg News’ Jennifer Jacobs reported, “The White House called a travel-photo lid at 1:05 p.m., meaning President Biden won’t be leaving the grounds today and reporters won’t be seeing him today. Press conference is tomorrow.”

What’s even worse is that President Biden’s Martin Luther King Day speech wasn’t even live or given on MLK day. It was actually a prerecorded speech that he gave at the White House set and no reporters were present to watch it happen.

Biden is expected to hold his second press conference today (January 19th) making it only the second press conference he has given since taking office.


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