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VIDEO: Biden Allows Who To Cross The Border?


This is very troubling.

As problems between the United States and China continue to get worse, inside sources close to Fox’s Maria Bartiromo have admitted that southern border patrol agents have found dozens of Chinese citizens crossing the border illegally.

According to Fox, sources who are very familiar with the southern border have admitted that in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley alone there have been at least 15 to 20 Chinese nationals that have crossed the border per day!

Many of these individuals have worked for or are some way connected directly to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Bartiromo admitted, “They may or may not come back years later. They’re entering America with no questions asked after paying $35,000 a head to the drug cartels. We’ve recorded nearly 3,000 apprehensions of Chinese nationals crossing illegally into America just in this last fiscal year, which started on October 1.”

As you already may know, Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and a handful of other Republicans have traveled to the southern border to see what is really going on.

President Biden is compromising U.S. national security and his administration is doing absolutely nothing to stop it.