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Lindsey Graham Sabotages GOP


Graham is playing a risky game.

The GOP is angrier than ever at Republican Senator Lindsey Graham because he is refusing to slow down on approving President Biden’s judicial nominees.

It’s important to remember that Graham is essentially giving Biden the choice to put a large number of judges into an ultimate power position and many of these judges could one day end up sitting on the Supreme Court solely thanks to him.

According to The Hill, Lindsey Graham has voted to approve more of Biden’s nominees than any other Republican lawmaker sitting on the Judiciary Committee.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley condemned Lindsey Graham’s actions saying, “The truth is the leadership squandered a 50-50 Senate. They could have at the committee level made a major push to vote together and to stop at least the circuit court nominees. Every single one of them would have required a discharge petition. We didn’t do that.”


Hawley added, “There was no concerted effort made whatsoever. Say what you want about [Democratic Judiciary Committee Chairman] Dick Durbin [D-Ill.] but he has not taken his eye off the ball. He’s had help from Republicans.”

Republican Senator Mike Lee also said, “I think it’s a good time near the beginning of this Congress to go back and look at the last Congress and compare that to what happened in the previous administration and figure out if we’re needlessly accelerating the pace at which they’re being confirmed.”

When Graham is being pressured by Republicans about his decision to help Biden out in a massive way, all he is saying that there is nothing he can really do to slow him down by claiming they are at an 11-10 disadvantage.

“This idea you get everything you want and they don’t get what they want when they’re in like circumstance, doesn’t work,” Graham said defending his decision.