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PROOF: Biden Doesn’t Care About Americans


This is not good folks.

In a newly released interview with Fox’s “America’s Newsroom,” House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy slammed President Biden and exposed to the American people just how little he is doing for the American people.

According to Breitbart, McCarthy revealed that Biden has been so behind the ball on things that he and his administration failed to do anything about the national baby formula shortage until Americans began to attack him for it by speaking out.


In transcript provided by Breitbart, McCarthy stated, “We’ve watched what they’re doing that they knew about a baby formula shortage, all the way to last year. But the FDA continued to hold it up. They did nothing until people rose to the occasion.”

After viewing a clip of former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki saying, “The production of baby formula is so specialized and so specific that you can’t just use the Defense Production Act to say to a company that produces something else, produce baby formula. It just doesn’t work that way.”

McCarthy replied, “They say one thing. They do another. And it’s because of their lack of action. But what he has done every single time since he’s been president is ignore a big problem.”