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Trump Losing 2024 Race?


Is the Oval Office in Trump’s future?

In a hilarious turn of events on Fox News, a psychic, Paula Roberts from England, offered intriguing insights into the future trajectory of former President Trump’s political journey in the anticipated 2024 presidential race. The unusual session unfolded during Jesse Watters’ prime-time program, known for its engaging segments and political commentary.

As the psychic drew a card depicting the grim reaper, she exclaimed, “Oh, I do realize that I am on Fox TV … a sense of loss. A sense of loss, but it’s very specific.” Paula Roberts went on to elaborate that it seemed as if Trump might be fixating on what he has lost, perhaps at the expense of fully leveraging his existing advantages.


Watters, ever the charismatic host, responded with laughter, endorsing Roberts’ interpretation and playfully urging her to pull another card, this time for President Biden. The psychic, in a mystifying turn, drew a card symbolizing substantial wealth. Watters, injecting a touch of humor, asked if this financial windfall had originated from China, to which Roberts replied with a playful remark, labeling him as “cheeky.”

Against the backdrop of Watters taking over the prime-time slot from Tucker Carlson, a move that marked a significant transition within the network, this psychic reading added an unexpected and unconventional layer to the ongoing political discourse. Trump’s continued criticism of Fox News, contrasted with Watters’ vocal support of the former president and his critiques of Biden, further underscored the network’s role as a platform for diverse perspectives.

The melding of entertainment and speculation about the future of prominent political figures in a mainstream news setting reflected the evolving landscape of political coverage, where unconventional elements occasionally break through the traditional boundaries of discourse. This unique segment provided viewers with a blend of mysticism, humor, and political analysis, showcasing the diversity of content within the media landscape.