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Top Republican’s Life Put In Danger


This must be stopped immediately!

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, has called for a thorough investigation and stringent penalties against individuals involved in the dangerous practice known as “swatting.” The term refers to the act of falsely alerting emergency services to a fabricated incident at someone’s home or a specific location. Speaking on “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Greene expressed the terror she experienced during the eighth instance of being swatted.

In a detailed account, Greene described an unsettling incident where she had to confront a SWAT team at her doorstep in the middle of the night. The false information provided to the authorities claimed that she had committed murder, was contemplating suicide, and posed a threat to police officers. Swatting, an illegal activity, is a method used to target specific individuals or locations, with the intention of triggering an armed response from law enforcement.


Greene emphasized the severity of swatting, pointing out that it has occurred not only to her but also to her family members. During the Christmas period, both of her daughters fell victim to swatting incidents, a trend that extended to numerous other congressmen, congresswomen, senators, and state government officials.

Expressing concern about the scale and coordination of the attacks, Greene questioned whether it was an assault on the government and law enforcement. Additionally, she raised doubts about the Biden administration’s capability to handle such incidents, drawing parallels with their perceived inability to address issues like the southern border invasion. Senator Rick Scott of Florida and Representative Brandon Williams of New York have also reported being targeted by swatting incidents, further highlighting the urgency for comprehensive investigations and preventative measures.