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Trouble Brewing Between Biden And Obama



President Barack Obama and President Biden

A new Washington Post report has found that there is a very strange feud brewing between former President Barack Obama and President Biden which is centered around deep-seeded jealousy and tension!

According to Fox News, WaPo found that tension and jealousy is in the air just before Obama heads to the White House to unveil his official White House portrait.

Furthermore, they found that the “bromance” and “jovial atmosphere” Obama and Biden show the American people is simply an act they put up for the cameras. In truth there is a lot of “resentment” between Biden’s team and Obama’s team.


Washington Post White House reporter Tyler Pager further explained, “When former president Barack Obama returned to the White House for the first time in April, he received a hero’s welcome from Democrats,” and President Biden and his team hated it.

Pager then pointed out how Obama took a shot at Biden and said “Thank you, Vice President Biden.” Pager explained how President Biden’s team found Barack Obama as “cocky” and arrogant because of his behavior.

Referring Obama calling Biden “vice president” Pager explained, “They saw the quip, intentional or not, as part of a pattern of arrogance from Obama and a reminder of the disrespect many felt from Obama’s cadre of aides toward Biden.”

The Washington Post believes that these tensions and jealousies will arise once again when the Obama family returns to the White House.