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McConnell Sides With Pelosi On This


This was surprising.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell shocked many Americans after he came out and supported House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to visit Taiwan even after China threatened the United States and said that we would face serious consequences if she did.

It’s very rare that McConnell and Pelosi see eye-to-eye on things however their stance against China seems to be very similar.

What’s even more interesting is that McConnell called out Biden for asking Pelosi not to go.


According to The Hill, McConnell defended Pelosi and said, “I believe she has every right to go, and it’s been unseemly and counterproductive for President Biden and his aides to have publicly sought to deter her from doing so.”

McConnell then said, “There is significant precedent for high-ranking U.S. officials visiting Taiwan, including a past Speaker of the House. Beijing claims such a visit is now unacceptable. They claim that things have changed.” 

“Well, it’s certainly true. China has stepped up its aggressive actions. They’re trying to change the status quo through force,” McConnell continued.

“I welcome the Speaker’s display for democracy, but I hope she returns from Asia more mindful of the military dimensions of the Chinese threat and more committed to working with Republicans to address the changing balance of military power out in the region.”