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More Trouble For Trump


They simply won’t leave Trump alone.

In surprising new turn of events, the House Oversight and Reform Committee has just reached an agreement with former President Donald Trump’s attorney’s which forces Trump to hand over his financial records.

According to the Washington Examiner, the new deal which was recently reached comes after the bogus and sham committee issued a subpoena to obtain Trump’s records in April of 2019.

Crooked Democratic Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney said in a statement, “After numerous court victories, I am pleased that my Committee has now reached an agreement to obtain key financial documents that former President Trump fought for years to hide from Congress. After facing years of delay tactics, the Committee has now reached an agreement with the former President and his accounting firm, Mazars USA, to obtain critical documents.”


Maloney then added, “These documents will inform the Committee’s efforts to get to the bottom of former President Trump’s egregious conduct and ensure that future presidents do not abuse their position of power for personal gain.”

Trump’s lawyers told the federal appeals court that they reached an agreement with the oversight panel in recent court filings.

The decision to inquire about Trump’s financial records came after crooked lawyer Michael Cohen stated that Trump committed fraud while testifying in front of Congress.