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BREAKING: Criminal Charges Against Trump


You won’t believe what the DOJ is saying!

A former counterintelligence chief for the Department of Justice is now claiming that the DOJ appears to be closing in on former President Donald Trump and will soon be bringing criminal charges against him following the raid on his Mar-a-Lago home.

According to Insider, former chief of the counterespionage section at the Justice Department’s national security division David Laufman said, “It seems to me it’s moving in the direction of warranting criminal charges.”

Laufman then added, “I think [Trump] has significant criminal exposure. Whether they ultimately decide to exercise prosecutorial discretion in favor of prosecuting him is another question.”


Laufman used to be the head of his division which played a key role in the DOJ’s investigation of mishandled classified documents.

Biden’s corrupt and phony DOJ is also now claiming that Trump’s aides interfered in their investigation and even went as far as trying to conceal several documents. None of these claims have been proven true and its likely more misinformation being spread from the highest office in the land: President Biden’s office.

President Biden, the Department of Justice, Democrats and the mainstream media are working hand-in-hand to ensure Trump can be blocked from running again in 2024. This witch hunt is only getting started.