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Obama Back In The White House


Here’s what’s happening now…

It has now been learned that former US president Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama are finally going to be allowed to enter the White House and unveil their official portraits next week after former President Donald Trump prevented them from doing so while he was in office.

According to AFP, the ceremony which is scheduled for September 7th announced by the Biden Administration traditionally allows presidents the chance to pay homage to their predecessors.


However, Trump did not have a good relationship with former President Barack Obama due to a number of underhanded attacks Obama carried out against him even before Trump ran for the presidency.

Now as a result of their bad relationship, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will host the Obamas and carry out the ceremony. Trump has become known as being a president who didn’t follow tradition and protocol and this move to not host a ceremony for the Obamas is just one more.

Trump also hilariously removed the portraits of presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush from the White House’s Grand Foyer. The pictures were not restored until Joe Biden came into office.