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RNC Dumps Trump


This is surprising.

The Republican National Committee, which Trump single-handedly helped shape into what it is today, is now saying that they won’t pay former President Donald Trump’s legal bills related to the FBI’s investigation and retrieval of documents at his Florida home of Mar-a-Lago.

According to the Washington Examiner, Trump is now going to have to pay for his own legal defense especially after he went ahead and hired Florida’s former solicitor general Chris Kise to defend him against the Department of Justice who is trying to place criminal charges against the former President.

The RNC hasn’t given much explanation as to why they have decided to not fund Trump’s legal problems either.


From October 2021 and July of this year the RNC paid out $2 million in legal fees to various law firms representing Trump.

Last December, the RNC paid out $1.6 million Trump’s attorney bills which were related to the New York’s attorney general investigation into Trump’s private business dealings.

It’s strange to see the RNC take such a firm stance against former President Donald Trump regarding the DOJ’s attack on him.

Trump has clearly hinted at running again in 2024 for a third time, if that happens the RNC would have to stop funding his legal battles because it would be a sign of bias towards him and against other 2024 Republican hopefuls. However, Trump has not yet announced his run so there is no reason for the RNC not to fund him.