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Democrats Trying To Impeach Biden?


Is Biden doomed?

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz reacted to the news of the classified documents scandal that President Biden is dealing with and said that he thinks Democrats are setting him up because they are ready to move on from him.

According to Fox, Gaetz stated, “There’s an element to this that feels like the Democrats are taking out Joe Biden.”

Gaetz later added, “I don’t know that that’s the case, but I don’t know that it’s not. But just as Joe Biden is hardening the cement around his decision to run for president again, they start looking for what classified documents might have been tucked away eight years ago.”


President Biden was found with 3 batches of classified documents in his possession. What’s more interesting that these documents were found and reported to the DOJ by Biden’s own staff and it was kept a secret until after the midterm elections.

Gaetz went on to say, “I mean, there’s an element of this where it’s Joe Biden’s lawyer who turns this information over, it’s Joe Biden’s own Justice Department that’s appointed a special counsel to investigate him – maybe the Democrats have realized that Joe Biden is not useful to them anymore, and they just assume toss him out and get a younger crop of candidates engaged in the next presidential race.”

“We have a lot to learn about the content and substance of those documents, and if they relate to China, and if they were at that Biden Center at UPenn funded by China. That’s going to be a far more grave concern,” Gaetz added.

President Biden recently laughed at reporters who were trying to ask him about the document scandal. He may not be laughing when more details come out and the severity of what he did is finally realized.