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Republicans Lose Election Battle


This is so unfair.

In another loss to the GOP, the Arizona Court of Appeals decided to rejected an attempt by the Republican Party to stop early voting by claiming that mail-in voting violated Arizona’s constitution.

According to Fox, the court ruled released an 11-page decision and moronically claimed that mail-in voting was not violating Arizona’s secrecy clause after Republicans tried to end the practice.

The court said, “Arizona’s mail-in voting statutes ensure that voters fill out their ballot in a manner that does not disclose their vote and that voters’ choices are not later revealed. The superior court did not err in finding that these protections are sufficient to preserve secrecy in voting.”


As of right, around 80% of Arizona’s residents use the states early voting system.

The court added that the voting system protects voter secrecy “by requiring voters to ensure that they fill out their ballot in secret and seal the ballot in an envelope that does not disclose the voters’ choices.”

Now Arizona’s Republican party may take this case to the state’s Supreme Court to be re-examined.

Republicans want as much clarity as possible when it comes to the election process. Democrats on the other hand appears to want to make it as confusing and corruption-ridden as possible.