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[Video] Kamala Mocks Ukrainians

[Video] Kamala Mocks Ukrainians


Those poor Ukrainians must be so scared!

President Biden decided to send Vice President Kamala Harris to Poland to deal with a number of issues including the Ukrainian refugees as well as how to stop Putin from further destroying Ukraine.

Biden sent Kamala because he most likely doesn’t know what to do himself.

During her meeting with Polish president Andrzej Duda, the two leaders decided to hold a press conference.


During the press conference, Kamala made a complete fool of herself and was nearly incoherent when speaking in front of cameras.

At one point, Kamala made literally no sense whatsoever and stated, “I am here, standing here on the northern flank, on the eastern flank, talking about what we have in terms of the eastern flank and our NATO allies, and what is at stake at this very moment, what is at stake this very moment are some of the guiding principles.” Sorry if that was hard to comprehend.

Then, Kamala laughed in the faces of the Ukrainian people when she was asked about the 2 million women and children who have fled their homeland.


The world knows Putin saw this press conference. Kamala’s words likely won’t be enough to intimidate him. President Biden on the other hand is acting like everything is okay here in the United States.