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Americans Abandon Biden

Americans Abandon Biden


The truth hurts.

The mainstream media and Democrats can continue to lie to our faces every single day. Americans aren’t buying their BS anymore.

A new poll just came out and Biden is now officially in worse shape than ever before. The new poll proves that an astounding 62 Percent of the American people strongly believe that Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if Trump was still the president.

The Biden Administration is likely sobbing about this right now!


According to the National Review, A new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey which was recently released showed that 62 percent of participants polled fully believed that Putin wouldn’t have dared to invade Ukraine if Trump was still in office.

What’s worse for Biden is that, in that poll, of the people who were Democrats an astounding 38 percent also believed the Putin wouldn’t have invaded under Trump’s watch.

Additionally, 59 percent of all the people polled also believed that Putin saw Biden as a “weak” leader.

Democrats need to do something or else China will move next on Taiwan like Trump has already warned.