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Republicans Lose Midterms Lead


Here’s what happened…

Recently on MSNBC‘s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough claimed that President Biden’s overall approval rating increased according to a Washington Post/ABC poll.

The poll claimed that President Biden currently sat at a 42% approval rating compared to his previous all time low of 34%.


Scarborough admitted that even though 42% is not great it was a “hell of a lot better than 34%.”

What is more interesting however, is that MSNBC claimed that Republicans have lost ground on the Generic Congressional Ballot which gives Democrats a 46% advantage to Republicans who held a 45% rating. In February 2022 Republicans lead this same poll by 49% compared to Democrats who had 42%.

It’s unclear why the polls show Democrats gaining momentum however it’s important to point out this is the mainstream media we are dealing with. It wouldn’t be the first time they have lied about their numbers to better fit their narratives.