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Top Democrat Targets Biden


People don’t want Biden’s bad energy.

Democrats are scared senseless because they know President Biden’s poor and pathetic leadership has endangered them all heading into the midterms.

According to Fox, a red wave is predicted and Democrats know it. Now, it appears Democrat Senator Maggie Hassan desperately wants voters to know that she has nothing to do with President Biden and has released ads claiming that she is doing her best to lower gas prices.

Hopefully, voters don’t fall for Hassans lies and vote her out along with the rest of the Democrats.


In her new ad it says, “Gas prices – we know the story. And while all of us are paying the price, one senator is fighting to lower your costs.” 

The ad then says, “Hassan is on a mission to try to ease the pain at the pump. She wants to suspend the federal gas tax for the rest of the year.”

Hassan then distances herself from the Democrats and Biden and says, “I am taking on members of my own party to push a gas tax holiday, and I am pushing Joe Biden to release more of our oil reserves. That’s how we lower costs and get through these times.”