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SHOCKING: Pelosi Accidentally Confesses On Camera

SHOCKING: Pelosi Accidentally Confesses On Camera


Pelosi must have been drunk!

In her most recent press conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accidentally let the cat out of the bag and said that she wants to keep the government from shutting down so the Democrats can fulfill the “Obama Agenda” of “Build Back Better”.

Did she forget that Biden is the president? Or did Pelosi just accidentally confess that Obama is still secretly pulling the strings.

During her press conference Pelosi accidentally stated, “Keep government open…we intend…we have to do those imminently…and uh, even more imilently (?) even, uh, to address, the full, uh Obama agenda of Building Back Better, with uh, and I like to say Building Back Better.” 

Pelosi should lay off the wine, because now it appears that she’s spilling all the beans like Biden. Maybe she will have handlers watching her every word in near future as well.