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Biden Is SICK?

Biden Is SICK?


Here’s what we know…

President Biden surprisingly decided to cancel his recent trip to Chicago and will remain at the White House just one day after getting the COVID booster shot. Some have speculated that symptoms from the booster shot is doing a number on Biden and it forced him to cancel his trip.

When asked about Biden’s decision to cancel his trip, a White House official told NBC News, “In meetings and calls over the weekend and through today, President Biden has been engaging with members of Congress on the path forward for the Build Back Better Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal. He will now remain at the White House tomorrow to continue working on advancing these two pieces of legislation to create jobs, grow the economy and make investments in families, rather than failed giveaways to the rich and big corporations.”

Now while this explanation may seem truthful at first, Democrats have already admitted that Biden has been completely uninvolved when it comes negotiations regarding his “Build Back Better Act”.

A handful of Washington insiders have revealed that Biden is doing little to nothing when it comes to getting new legislation passed in Washington.

“I don’t understand why the president isn’t whipping his own historic bill,” one unnamed moderate House Democrat said according to politico.

So what exactly is Biden doing at the White House? No one really know.