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GOP Distances From Trump


Here’s what going on behind closed doors.

If you thought the Republican party has been purged of all of its RINOs, think again. There appears to be many more RINOs than previously expected working behind the scenes of the GOP and shifting rhetoric.

According to Axios, Top Republicans are privately fearing that former President Donald Trump will influence the November midterm elections negatively compared to other main U.S. problems such as inflation and crime.

Trump is currently dominating the news cycle and Democrats are purposely using the mainstream media to brainwash the American public into looking the other way while Biden continues destroy the United States with terrible policies.


Now, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell secretly believes that Trump’s problems will result in the Republicans losing a golden opportunity to win the Senate.

Other top Republicans who choose to remain anonymous are also now worried that the GOP will no longer win the House by a landslide in the midterms.

The raid on former President Donald Trump’s home is going to remain in the news for several more months. Democrats are hoping that the mainstream media will do their part in help them win the midterms by keeping scandalous stories about Trump in the news cycle until the midterms so they can confuse voters.