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Biden Sues State To Control Voting

Biden is so crooked.

President Biden’s Justice Department is now suing the state of Arizona over a law that is going to force voters to show proof of American citizenship if they want vote in the federal elections.

According to Fox, Biden’s DOJ is claiming that Arizona House Bill 2492 violates the United States’ Voter Registration Act of 1993 and the 1964 Civil Rights Act. 

Arizona’s new law is expected to take effect on Jan. 1, 2023, and Democrats including President Biden are doing everything in their power to stop it.

The Justice Department’s Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke stated, “For nearly three decades, the National Voter Registration Act has helped to move states in the right direction by eliminating unnecessary requirements that have historically made it harder for eligible voters to access the registration rolls. Arizona has passed a law that turns the clock back on progress by imposing unlawful and unnecessary requirements that would block eligible voters from the registration rolls for certain federal elections.”

Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey has initially signed H.B. 2492 in law because he didn’t want to make it easy for noncitizens to “attempt to illegally cast a vote.”

After signing the bill he called it a “balanced approach that honors Arizona’s history of making voting accessible without sacrificing security in our elections.” 

It looks like President Biden and the Democrats don’t like making voters prove their citizenship in order to vote. Something smells fishy.