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Top Democrat Dumps Biden


This was a strange decision.

Democrat U.S. Senate candidate for Pennsylvania John Fetterman who really needs all the support he can get for the upcoming election has decided not to meet with President Biden when he comes to Pennsylvania to talk about his new plan.

According to Newsmax, President Biden is going to travel to Pennsylvania to push his new “Safer America Plan” which is aiming to reduce crime in major cities across America as well as ban “assault” weapons.

Now, news outlets have learned that Fetterman has decided not to appear alongside President Biden. Typically when a Democrat candidate is running they strongly hope that the President will give them an endorsement, Fetterman on the other hand is outright avoiding Biden. Is it because Fetterman knows that Biden is a terrible president and doesn’t want to hurt his image? Most likely.


A Fetterman spokesperson explained to the New York Times that he will not attend Biden’s event because of ‘scheduling conflict.”

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Josh Shapiro and Rep. Matt Cartwright will attend the event with Biden.

Fetterman’s Republican opponent fired back at Fetterman for avoiding Biden and asked, “Is Fetterman running a campaign for U.S. Senate or is he trying to swindle Pennsylvania voters into electing him without knowing the truth?”