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Top Dems Expected To Replace Biden


Who will replace Biden?

Whether you are Republican or Democrat, everyone is very unhappy with President Biden and his administration and people want a change in 2024.

The Republican Party is expected to challenge Biden by unleashing a number of heavyweights against him which will likely include former President Donald Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and others.

Sadly for Biden however, it appears that Democrats are looking to find a replacement for him and here is who they could be soon considering according to The Hill.

First and foremost, the most likely Democratic candidate to replace President Biden will be his Vice President Kamala Harris.


Following closely behind Harris is Biden’s transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg who ran for the Presidency in 2020 but lost the nomination to Biden.

Third is Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren has remained a top Democrat even after losing to Biden in 2020. Warren has already said that she doesn’t plan to run in 2024 however things could quickly change if Democrats give her the green light.

Coming in fourth was the Democrat who unofficially won the popular vote with liberals in the 2020 presidential election but was forced out by top Democratic leaders, Senator Bernie Sanders.

The Democrats’ fifth option is Amy Klobuchar. Klobuchar didn’t perform very well in the 2020 presidential election however, Democrats appear willing to give her another shot.