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Biden Insults Major U.S. Ally


Biden can’t keep making himself look this dumb.

On Monday, President Biden expressed his gratitude to his Vietnamese counterpart in a tweet that has since been removed due to an error. In the tweet, the 80-year-old president extended his appreciation to President Vo Van Thuong, emphasizing the importance of their partnership and the potential it holds for both nations. However, the attached image in the tweet featured a different individual, Vietnam’s National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue.

According to the NY Post, the tweet was originally posted from President Biden’s official @POTUS account but was later deleted. As of late Monday night, it has not been replaced. The mistake did not go unnoticed, with writer John Hasson reacting to the error with a “YIKES” in a tweet. National Review contributor Pradheep Shanker also sarcastically commented on the situation, noting, “SMARTEST PEOPLE IN THE ROOM.”


During his visit to the socialist republic, President Biden had meetings with both President Thuong and Chairman Hue in Hanoi. His meeting and luncheon with President Thuong took place at the presidential palace, where they discussed various topics, including cooperation, business, economic ties, and Vietnam’s aspirations to achieve upper-income status, as reported by the White House pool.

Later in the day, President Biden met with Chairman Hue at the National Assembly, where they similarly discussed the bilateral relationship between the United States and Vietnam, opportunities for future cooperation, and issues related to the Vietnam War legacy.