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Trump Traitor Endorsed By Nikki Haley


This is going to cause problems.

It has now been learned that Trump-ally Nikki Haley has just endorsed Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp as he runs for re-election in the upcoming gubernatorial race against Democrat Stacey Abrams.

Kemp and Trump got into a feud following the 2020 presidential election and conservatives are shocked to see Nikki Haley giving Kemp her endorsement.

According to Fox, Haley said in a statement, “Governor Brian Kemp knows how to win. He’s a fighter who kept Georgia open for business, cut income taxes, suspended the gas tax, and brought record new jobs into the Peach State. Governor Kemp beat Stacey Abrams once, and he’ll do it again in November.”


Kemp responded to Haley’s endorsement and said that he was “honored to have the support of Ambassador Nikki Haley as we work to stop the Biden-Abrams agenda from taking hold in Georgia. As a former governor, Ambassador Haley knows that state leadership is the last line of defense against the failed liberal policies that have created record inflation, high gas prices, and economic recession.”

“With her support – and the support of conservatives across the country – Marty, the girls, and I will wake up every day from now through Election Day and fight to keep our state the best place to live, work, and raise a family,” Kemp said.

Kemp informed news sources that Haley will now join the governor on the campaign trail to help him win the Governor’s race against Abrams.