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White House Attacking DOJ After Special Counsel Report


The White House is so angry they are now trashing the DOJ for finally doing their job.

During a recent press briefing, NBC News reporter Kelly O’Donnell engaged in a rigorous exchange with White House spokesperson Ian Sams regarding President Joe Biden’s contentious attack on the Department of Justice’s findings, as outlined in Robert Hur’s report.

Hur’s report, released last Thursday, concluded that President Biden should not face criminal charges for mishandling classified material, though it did highlight concerns about his age and memory. In a display of defiance, Biden vehemently rebuffed inquiries into his mental acuity, reportedly expressing frustration during a private meeting upon the report’s release.

Sams reiterated the President’s stance on Friday, denouncing the report’s remarks on Biden’s mental acuity as “gratuitous” and “inappropriate.”


During the press briefing, O’Donnell raised a pointed question, probing whether Biden’s criticism of the DOJ was incongruous with his prior calls for trust in institutional integrity, particularly in light of former President Trump’s claims of a politicized justice system. She remarked on the challenge for the public to reconcile Democratic appeals for trust in the DOJ with their current allegations of political bias and falsehoods within the same institution.

In response, Sams emphasized the opinions of esteemed former Justice Department officials who echoed the administration’s discontent with the report’s language. He acknowledged the complexities of the political landscape but underscored the importance of distinguishing between critiques of the current report and past cases, urging a nuanced understanding of the differences.

Sams concluded by reiterating the administration’s commitment to upholding the integrity of the Justice Department while navigating the pressures of partisan politics, asserting that the criticisms leveled against the report’s gratuitous remarks were endorsed by individuals with extensive experience within the DOJ.