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Blue State So Trashy Even Democrats Admit It

This is embarassing.

During a recent press conference, Democrat Mayor Eric Adams of New York City drew attention to the homelessness crisis by sharing a photograph of a homeless encampment in Los Angeles’ Skid Row neighborhood.

The mayor, who captured the image during a visit to Los Angeles in 2022, expressed deep concern about the dire conditions, emphasizing the presence of fires on the streets and the absence of basic facilities like toilets. Adams urged reporters to compare the efforts of his administration in addressing homelessness with those of other cities grappling with similar challenges.

Defending his proactive stance on the issue, Mayor Adams dismissed accusations of being too “harsh” on migrants and underscored the importance of preventing such dire situations.

He questioned whether citizens would want their children to witness such scenes, asserting his commitment to preventing such conditions from occurring in New York City under his leadership.

Facing criticism over his handling of the migrant crisis, Adams disclosed that the city had received over 70,000 migrants by May, warning of its impact on the budget and the well-being of both constituents and migrants. He highlighted the substantial financial commitment already made, exceeding $1 billion, and projected a need for over $4 billion in funding to address the ongoing crisis. In a late December update, Mayor Adams alerted residents to anticipate another surge in migrants from Texas, signaling a city nearing its “breaking point.” Despite challenges, Adams remains steadfast in his dedication to addressing homelessness and ensuring the well-being of New York City residents.