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Video: Cawthorn Flips On Trump

This has caused shockwaves.

As former President Donald Trump’s Jan 6. Capitol hearings continue to progress forward, it now appears that Republican traitor Madison Cawthorn has flipped on Trump and attempted to incriminate him for the riot.

In a recent interview with The Carlos Watson Show, Cawthorn was asked if he wished anything could have been done differently before the riot took place.

Traitor Cawthorn responded, “Well, you know, one, I mean, you know, President Donald Trump said, ‘I want you to peaceably and patriotically protest,’ — that’s good on his part. But if I could go back, I probably and I had an opportunity to speak with the President, which I did not, I would have asked that he did not send or tell the crowd to go down to the Capitol.”

“You know, I think that that just put everything in a dangerous setting.”

Cawthorn then said he wished he had a “crystal ball” so that he could have told the MAGA crowd to be more peaceful. but instead Trump told them to “fight” and “We’re not doing this just for Donald Trump, we are doing this for the Constitution!”