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Biden In Worse Shape Than Ever

Biden In Worse Shape Than Ever

Biden needs to step down.

President Biden has spent nearly his entire presidency giving Americans excuse after excuse as to why things, including the economy, continue to get worse under his leadership.

Now, a new ABC poll has shockingly learned that only 37% of Americans approve of President Biden’s job performance and only 30% of independents still support Biden.

Remember, this was a poll conducted by far-left mainstream media ABC, so the true number could likely be much lower.

What’s even worse for the Democrats is that an astounding 60% of Americans are worried about record inflation under Biden and 75% of Americans believe the economy is in terrible shape.

If all of this wasn’t already bad enough for Biden there’s one more thing. Now, a whopping 54% of Americans believe President Biden is mentally unfit to serve.

Look at what Donald Trump Jr. had to say about the poll results: