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Millions Of Voters Just Dropped Biden

Biden is done for!

In a recent episode of The Run-Up, a New York Times podcast, several Black individuals shared their reservations and “concerns” about supporting President Biden for re-election in 2024. Some expressed the view that Biden is “too old,” while others criticized the Democratic Party for not fulfilling its promises to the Black community.

The podcast, hosted by reporter Astead Herndon, featured interviews with Herndon’s Black friends and family members gathered for Thanksgiving. Inspired by a New York Times/Siena College poll showing an increased percentage of Black voters leaning towards Donald Trump, Herndon sought insights into the shifting sentiments within the Black community regarding the Democratic Party and potential support for Biden or Trump in the upcoming election.

The discussions revealed a range of perspectives, with one participant expressing disappointment in former President Obama, stating, “I’ve been let down by Obama. Do you hear me?” This individual believed Obama could have done more for the Black community, drawing comparisons to Trump’s actions and suggesting that Obama’s perceived inaction led some young people to lose faith in the political system.

Throughout the episode, various guests conveyed hesitations about supporting Biden, citing concerns and a sense of unease. One guest admitted to feeling “very, very torn” between voting for Biden and Trump, ultimately ruling out support for the latter. Another female participant declared her reluctance to vote for either candidate, highlighting a lack of enthusiasm for both options.

In exploring the reasons behind potential shifts in the Black vote, the podcast delved into perceptions of the Democratic Party’s focus. Some guests felt that Democrats were more attuned to the concerns of Black women than Black men, with one participant stating, “I honestly feel that the Democratic Party has forgotten about the Black male.”

Concerns about Biden’s age were also raised, with one guest bluntly stating, “He’s too old.” Another participant pointed out the need to scrutinize Biden’s policies, highlighting a specific handwritten policy that purportedly contributed to increased incarceration of Black individuals.

Overall, the episode reflected a nuanced and diverse set of opinions within the Black community, shedding light on the complexities influencing political allegiances and voting decisions.