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Obama Humiliates Biden

Daniel Schwen, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

This must have been so embarassing.

As you already know, Barack Obama recently showed up at the White House to push his Affordable Care Act on the American people since his old friend Joe Biden is running the show at the White House.

Obama pushed Obamacare on the American people and said it would make a major difference in the lives of everyday Americans.

According to CBS, during his speech Obama said, “The reason we’re here today is because President Biden, Vice President Harris, everybody who’s worked on this thing understood from the start that the ACA wasn’t perfect. To get the bill passed, we had to make compromises. We didn’t get everything we wanted. That wasn’t reason not to do it.” 

Controversy came after the speech however when White House aides were wrapping up.

RNC Research found a clip where many lawmakers had surrounded former President Barack Obama and Biden is seen wandering aimlessly while no one appears to want to speak to him whatsoever.

Biden likely realized how little his fellow lawmakers respect him when Obama is in the house. The clip is very embarrassing and has already gained over 100,000 few in just a few hours.