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Obama Admits Biden Doomed


We’re screwed folks.

Don’t listen to the mainstream media when they try to sell you lies about the souther border. Things are about to get worse than ever before unless Democrats stop Biden from lifting Title 42.

In fact, things are about to get so bad that former President Barack Obama’s DHS secretary Jeh Johnson openly admitted on Fox that the thousands upon thousands of illegals who will soon breach the southern border will quickly become “unsustainable.”

According to Breitbart, Obama’s DHS Secretary openly admitted that having 7,000 plus people crossing the border is simply unsustainable.


Johnson admitted, “It overwhelms the communities in Texas and Arizona that have to absorb this population. It overwhelms Catholic Charities. It overwhelms the Border Patrol and ICE.”

Johnson even went as far as admitting that if he was still in charge with Obama they would have delayed the lifting of Title 42.

Johnson further explained, “I am convinced that most Americans want us to treat migrants in this country fairly, humanely. They want us to take care of the DREAMers, who are a remarkable group of de facto Americans who grew up in this country. Most Americans, I believe, want to give people who have been in this country for ten or more years an opportunity to get on the books.”

Adding, “But most Americans also want a secure border. If you go to Laredo, TX, for example, Henry Cuellar’s district, 85% Mexican American, overwhelmingly Democratic, they want a secure border. I know. I’ve been there. I’ve heard this. 7,000 a day is not sustainable, in multiple respects.”