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DeSantis Backstabbing Trump?


This was unexpected.

As you may already know, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis faced off against his Democrat opponent Charlie Crist in a new debate.

Overall, Governor DeSantis appears to have defeated Crist in the debate however Crist highlighted something that got the attention of everyone including Republicans.

According to The Hill, Crist repeatedly asked DeSantis if he was going to serve a full four years as governor if he wins again and DeSantis didn’t give a clear answer.

Crist repeatedly asked DeSantis if he was going to do his full term as governor because there is a lot of speculation about him leaving his Florida governorship to run for president in 2024 against Donald Trump.


Crist asked DeSantis, “You’re running for governor. And I have a question for you. … Why don’t you look at the eyes of the people of Florida you will serve all four years?”

“Will you serve a full four-year term?” Crist asked.

DeSantis never answered the question and the moderator repeatedly interrupted the debate and told the two candidates that they couldn’t ask each other questions.

It will be interesting to see DeSantis run for the presidency in 2024. While he has not admitted to running this question from his Democratic opponent has a lot of people reading between the lines.