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Democrats Flip On Biden, Demand Action


Biden needs to step up now that even Democrats are demanding it.

President Joe Biden is under increased pressure from Democratic lawmakers to reassess his approach to dealing with Iran, owing to recent events in the Middle East. An attack on Israel occurred in early October, which raised concerns about the Biden administration’s stance on relations with Iran.

According to Newsweek, reports suggest that there may have been coordination between a dangerous group of terrorists in the region and Iran before the attack on Israel, which involved the launch of numerous rockets, as well as attacks from land, air, and sea originating from Gaza.

In response, Israel initiated a series of intense airstrikes on Gaza, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declaring a state of war. This led to the suspension of essential supplies, including food, fuel, electricity, and medicine to Gaza, and a commitment to dismantle the group responsible for the attacks.

Tragically, the conflict has resulted in significant casualties, with thousands of lives lost on both sides, as reported by the Associated Press.

President Biden’s response to the situation has been to reaffirm his support for Israel’s right to self-defense while also expressing concern for the humanitarian crisis that has affected the population of Gaza, particularly the children. His aim is to address these concerns without further escalating regional tensions.


A bipartisan group of lawmakers sent a letter to President Biden, urging him to take steps to hold Iran accountable for its alleged involvement in supporting the group behind the attack.

The lawmakers emphasized the need for strict enforcement of all existing U.S. sanctions against Iran and urged the President to take decisive action to prevent Iran from trading oil with China, which constitutes a significant portion of its income.

The potential restriction on Iran’s oil sales could lead to a rise in global gas prices, presenting a challenge for the Biden administration, which is already grappling with domestic gas price issues.

The lawmakers also expressed concern about the impending expiration of United Nations ballistic missile sanctions, calling for the immediate implementation of snapback sanctions on Iran in collaboration with European partners.

Several European Union members have committed to maintaining their sanctions against Iran beyond the specified deadline.

Additionally, the bipartisan coalition of lawmakers called on President Biden to apply diplomatic pressure on Turkey and Qatar to cease their support for the group responsible for the attack and expel any of its members residing within their borders. They expressed particular concern about Qatar’s response to the situation and the support offered by Turkey, a NATO ally.