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Sarah Palin Shuts Up Ocasio-Cortez


She didn’t hold back!

Popular Republicans and Alaska Congressional candidate Sarah Palin recently sat down with Fox News and came for liberal America’s favorite Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

During her lengthy interview, Palin came straight for AOC’s head and said that she was itching to debate her about a number of key topics because she could show everyone her true colors.

Palin stated, “the other side of the aisle in this day and age, they’re pretty wacko because they’re being led by people like AOC.”

According to Business Insider, during her interview Palin also said, “I would be very polite, and I would beg her to debate me, please, AOC. On education, on capitalism, on how to run a business, on our nation’s security, on what it takes to be energy independent again, in order to be solvent and sovereign … Oh gosh, I want to debate her.”

If Ocasio-Cortez stands by everything she has said then she has no reason NOT to debate Sarah Palin. AOC has already turned down an offer to debate Candice Owens however Sarah Palin could soon be in Congress. What is AOC so scared of?