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Trump Exposes Taylor Swift


Is Taylor Swift who she really claims to be to her supporters?

Former President Donald Trump has expressed skepticism about Taylor Swift’s political stance, questioning whether her liberal views are genuine or a facade. Trump’s comments on Swift’s beliefs were shared in an upcoming book by Ramin Setoodeh, co-Editor-in-Chief of Variety, titled “Apprentice in Wonderland: How Donald Trump and Mark Burnett Took America Through the Looking Glass.”

When asked about Swift, Trump remarked on her appearance, calling her “very beautiful” and “unusually beautiful.” However, he went on to question her political orientation. “I think she’s liberal. She probably doesn’t like Trump,” he stated. Trump then pondered if her liberalism was sincere, expressing surprise that a country music star could achieve success with a liberal image. The author pointed out that Swift had transitioned to pop music several years ago.

Despite Swift’s immense popularity, with her album “The Tortured Poets Department” recently becoming her 14th to top the Billboard 200, Trump admitted he is not well-versed in her music. “I hear she’s very talented,” he acknowledged, reiterating his admiration for her looks.


A representative for Swift did not respond to requests for comments on Trump’s statements.

Swift, who had largely avoided political discussions throughout her career, publicly endorsed two Democratic candidates in a 2018 Tennessee House and Senate race. She has also criticized Trump, accusing him in 2019 of misleading the American public. In the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election, Swift endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, expressing hope that their leadership could help heal the country.

Earlier this year, The New York Times reported that President Biden’s campaign was actively seeking Swift’s endorsement for the 2024 election. This move underscores Swift’s influence and the significant impact of celebrity endorsements in contemporary politics.