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Kamala Wants Trump Blacklisted


Kamala is losing her mind.

Vice President Kamala Harris is set to assert that Donald Trump’s conduct makes him unfit for the presidency during a state Democratic Party dinner in Detroit on Saturday night. This appearance marks one of her first campaign activities following Trump’s unprecedented criminal conviction.

In her prepared remarks, Harris plans to deliver her sharpest public rebuke of Trump’s false accusations regarding his New York trial, drawing a connection between his “attacks” on the justice system and his efforts to undermine the 2020 election results.

“Why does he complain? Because cheaters don’t like getting caught,” Harris is expected to say, as per the excerpts released to the media.

Harris, who often emphasizes her background as a prosecutor and California’s attorney general on the campaign trail, will highlight how a jury unanimously found Trump guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records. She will point out that Trump’s defense had the opportunity to participate in the jury and witness selection process, countering his claims of unfair treatment.

Harris’s role as the highest-ranking official to critique Trump’s criminal record indicates that the Democratic Party is increasingly ready to spotlight his conviction alongside other critical issues affecting Americans.


Her planned speech mirrors her comments on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” earlier in the week, where she stated that Americans desire a president who feels accountable to the people. Harris emphasized the need for a president who can tackle significant issues like the cost of insulin, the pharmaceutical industry, and high drug prices.

“Donald Trump believes he is above the law,” Harris will say, according to the excerpts. “This should disqualify anyone seeking the presidency.”

She will also refute the “lies” suggesting the Biden administration manipulated the outcome of Trump’s state prosecution, and she will reference Trump’s threats to use a second term for political retribution.

Harris’s attendance at the dinner in Detroit is part of her third visit to Michigan this year. She previously visited Ann Arbor for an event hosted by the Biden Victory Fund and prominent Democratic donors, as noted by the press pool. Trump has also made three visits to Michigan in 2024.

Michigan remains a critical battleground, where a small margin of voters could decide whether Biden or Trump secures a second term. Both candidates are currently polling closely in the state, facing challenges in their campaigns. Trump contends with a faction of moderate Republicans opposed to him during the Michigan primaries, while Biden deals with friction from the state’s large Arab American community, which has criticized his stance on Israel and Gaza.