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Americans Catch Biden In Pathetic Lie


Americans are getting sick of getting lied to.

The Biden administration claimed responsibility for the recent decrease in gas prices, a move that drew criticism on social media likening it to an “arsonist taking credit for putting out a fire.”

According to Fox, on Monday the official White House X account, formerly known as Twitter, released a post aiming to boost economic optimism in anticipation of the holiday season. The message highlighted a $1.70 reduction in gas prices from their peak, emphasizing President Biden’s commitment to lowering costs for families.

Comparing current gas prices to the previous year, the national average was almost $5 per gallon, reaching as high as $6 in some states like California. According to AAA, the current national gas average stands at $3.295. In November 2020, towards the end of President Trump’s term, AAA reported a national average of $2.113 per gallon.


Critics slammed the White House, accusing President Biden of contributing to the initially high prices he now claims to have lowered. Some argued that despite the recent drop, prices remain significantly higher than during the previous administration.

Responding to the announcement, GOP rapid response director Jake Schneider quipped, “Arsonist takes credit for putting out fire. Gas still isn’t even close to what it was when Biden took office ($2.39/gallon).” Justin Haskins of the Heartland Institute emphasized that costs, including gas, have risen substantially since Biden assumed office.

Fox News contributor Joe Concha expressed skepticism about the strategy, noting, “Based on the reactions to this… I’m starting to think that maybe this whole treating people like they are utterly and completely beyond stupid is a strategy that is not resonating well.”

The Log Cabin Republicans’ Los Angeles chapter criticized the announcement, stating, “It’s $4.75 a gallon here! Stop bragging.” @Politibunny, editor at, argued, “You don’t get credit for jacking up prices like crazy and then bringing them down a teensy bit. Not to mention you blamed Putin for the increase and said you had no control over it.”