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Pence Teams Up With Jack Smith To Sabotage Trump


Pence is proving to America that he is a snake!

Former Vice President Mike Pence provided detailed insights to Special Counsel Jack Smith earlier this year in a closed-door testimony, revealing significant concerns about President Trump’s actions.

Chief Judge James Boasberg, appointed by Obama, mandated Pence’s testimony before a grand jury regarding his discussions with Trump concerning the events of January 6. This move was deemed an extraordinary challenge to Trump’s authority and executive privilege, rooted in the constitutional separation of powers.

During the 5-hour testimony in April, attended by Jack Smith, Pence reportedly criticized Trump’s choice of legal advisors, labeling them as “crank” lawyers who promoted “un-American” legal theories. Pence expressed apprehension that Trump’s actions almost led the nation into a “constitutional crisis.”


According to a leak to ABC News, Pence disclosed that Trump, in the aftermath of the 2020 election, surrounded himself with attorneys promoting questionable legal theories. Pence alleged that Trump’s conduct on January 6, 2021, was “reckless.”

Pence, during his interaction with Smith’s team, emphasized that in the days following the election, he did not observe any “significant allegations of fraud.” Despite this, Trump declared victory shortly after the polls closed, claiming widespread fraud. Pence clarified that he believed Trump spoke “in very general terms,” not specifically about instances of fraud.

In a significant development, Pence, the highest-ranking current or former government official known to have conversed with the special counsel team probing attempts to overturn the 2020 election, disclosed crucial information. This information sheds light on the evidence amassed by Smith’s team in their prosecution of Trump for allegedly attempting to unlawfully “remain in power” and undermine public faith in democratic institutions.

Last month, Mike Pence withdrew from the 2024 presidential race, a move that surprised few observers.