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China Insults U.S., Biden Remains Silent


This was a cheap shot.

On Sunday, a Chinese state-run news outlet published a political cartoon that invoked the anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to mock the United States reported Newsweek.

We commemorate the 22nd anniversary of the tragic 9/11 attacks, a devastating event in American history where two commercial airplanes were deliberately flown into New York City’s World Trade Center, resulting in the collapse of these iconic buildings and the loss of thousands of lives. This somber occasion is marked annually with remembrance events and memorials.

Regrettably, the anniversary of 9/11 often becomes an opportunity for adversarial entities to criticize the United States. On the same day, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev posted on social media, making ominous predictions about a potential future attack on the U.S. of 9/11 proportions involving nuclear weapons.

Furthermore, the conservative Chinese tabloid paper, Global Times, which is associated with the People’s Daily, the primary newspaper operated by the Chinese Communist Party, chose to mark this day with a political cartoon that mocked violence in the United States.

Titled “Mired in mayhem,” the cartoon, created by artist Chen Xia, portrays the Statue of Liberty in an uneasy stance, gazing at a piece of paper with the inscription “22 years after 9/11.” The statue casts a shadow behind it, within which bullets are depicted in flight and Molotov cocktails are being hurled. Below this shadow, there appears to be wreckage emitting two plumes of smoke, reminiscent of the aftermath of the attacks on the twin towers.


President Biden has refrained from directly responding to the recent political cartoon mocking the United States published by a Chinese state-run news outlet. While the cartoon from China’s Global Times was a provocative gesture, the Biden administration has maintained a focus on diplomacy and addressing international issues through diplomatic channels.